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Hunting Trips

...to the men of the Tuscan countryside, there is nothing more sacred than the hunt...


If you have ever dreamed of seeing a wild boar, a flock of migrating pigeons, or perhaps a pheasant in the grass, then this is the outing for you.  Whether it is for sheer need of food or the thrill of the hunt, in Tuscany the men take their hunting very seriously.  It is a time to get away in the woods or the countryside and be one with nature.  Your guide, Dino Diacciati, is a true and passionate hunter.  He may even take you on a wild boar hunt where you would immerse yourself in local traditions.  After, a hunting dinner can be prepared with the treasures of the hunt.

(Offered all year round, depending upon the game season.)


Fishing Trips

…the most tranquil sound can be the call of a stream…


Become one with the richest streams and rivers in central Italy.  If your passion is for fly fishing, catch and release, or searching for brown trout; Dino Diacciati will find the ideal place for you.  Whether maneuvering small mountain streams or relaxing on a river bank, fishing with Dino is a one-of-a-kind experience.  All trips include a breakfast by the water.

(Offered in season March-October and by request.)


Nature Hikes

…while away the morning or afternoon lost in incredible views…


A favorite pastime of Dino's is walking through the woods on a sunny day.  As your guide, he will take you to places many, including locals, have never seen before, all the while regaling you with stories from his youth.  All trips include an outdoor picnic of local products.

(Offered all year round.)

Truffle Hunting

…join the hunt for the elusive gem in the woods…

The truffle is one of the most sought after delicacies in the world.  Luckily in Tuscany, there are many secret places where they can be foraged.  Follow Dino Diacciati and an experienced team of hunters and dogs through the woods on their search for the precious underground treasure.  All trips include an outdoor picnic of local products.

(Offered all year round depending upon weather.)

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